Fabian, Felice and Franci

FOR ADOPTION: FABIAN, FELICE and FRANCI are our "Latin Litter". These striking babies are roughly four months old and will mature to be fairly large cats. This litter, along with their wonderful mother, were running semi wild in rural Smithers. A very caring neighbour contacted NWAS and worked hard to catch the entire feline family. Once the cats arrived at NWAS it was apparent that they had some handling in their past as they were quite comfortable with us and came around to cuddles very quickly. All three kittens are very affectionate and instantly purr when being cradled. Fabian and Franci are quite bold and playful and would do well in homes with children, other cats or dogs and could be indoor/outdoor or indoor only once mature. Felice is much more timid than her siblings (but equally as sweet). She would do best as an indoor only cat in a child-free home. Felice is also very good with other cats and dog but more of a lounger than a player so she appreciates calmer company. All three kittens are up to date on vaccinations and parasite control and will come with spay or neuter contracts in place. If you've been looking for a fuzzy cuddle buddy apply today for a chance to me FABIAN, FELICE and FRANCI