Doyle - Adopted!

FOR ADOPTION: DOYLE is an approximately 2 year old male that was living on the streets of Houston before being caught and brought to us with his good friend Ainise. Doyle is a slightly quirky guy that we think spent most of his life getting chased away by humans. He was seen as nothing more than an annoying stray begging for food. When Doyle first arrived at NWAS we saw him as so much more than a stray. We saw the scared, shut down boy that was secretly desperate for human affection. We worked slowly and steadily earning Doyle’s trust and now he is a forward, affectionate and very playful friend. Doyle is still quite desperate for human affection and he will eagerly pull you in towards his kennel when you walk by. All he wants is for you to take the time to pet him instead of everyone else, once your hands are on him Doyle will rub all over you just soaking up the love. He is still a young and energetic cat and when he is loose he is very busy trying to get all of his play and adventuring done before it’s time to go back in his kennel. Doyle plays beautifully with kittens and does well with other young energetic cats. He’s not at all aggressive but he often rubs the older, calmer cats the wrong way so we think it would be best if he does not live with them. Doyle is open to the idea of living with a friendly dog as long as he can have time to watch them and learn that they mean no harm. Doyle would enjoy life with kids aged 5+, he is very busy and could overwhelm very young children but does love playing with kids that can keep up. He will do very well indoor only for now. Doyle has spent his whole life being chased away outside, he does not want to relive that. He is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a fun cat to inject energy and love into your home apply today for a chance to meet DOYLE