Dominion Street Kittens

KITTENS, KITTENS, KITTENS. "Kitten season" has not ended this year at NWAS. We are still overflowing with adorable little fur babies. This newest batch of kittens are know as our DOMINION STREET kittens. These guys were born under a shed and thanks to a wonderful young lady they were all caught, along with their mother, and brought in to us. We have been working hard on socializing this litter and they are doing great. Some are bold and good with young children, others are still timid but love a good cuddle and would be best in quiet homes. They are all good with other cats and have not had many interactions with dogs. If you're looking for a kitten put in an application! We also have five adorable kittens in at Total Pet in Smithers and six others that will be ready for homes in the next few weeks. All of these kittens are burning through food like crazy. We are once again asking for donations of kitten kibble to feed these hungry mouths