Dobby - Adoption pending!

FOR ADOPTION: DOBBY is an approximately 10.5 year old male looking for a home with just as much personality as him! This big fella was found as a stray in January 2022 and brought to Babine Animal Hospital. He was checked for microchip and tattoo with no luck and eventually came into our care. He was vaccinated upon arrival and a few days later a nasty abscess on his face reared it’s ugly head. The combination of new environment, recent vaccination and then abscess put poor Dobby’s system into immune distress and it started attacking itself. We were lucky to be able to get him back to the vet quickly and bloodwork showed what was going on. He was started on medications that helped the situation and once his condition stabilized we had to go through the slow process of weaning him off the medication while doing repeated bloodwork to ensure he was still doing ok. Just last week Dobby go the official all clear for adoption! He is not on any medications and is fit as a fiddle. The upside to Dobby being with us so long is we know him well. We can say without a doubt that he is excellent with other cats and kids and that he will tolerate friendly dogs. Dobby enjoys being brushed, socializing with his cat friends, cuddles and snacks! Dobby is on a weight management food to help him wear off some excess weight that is a side effect of the medication he was on. Otherwise he is a very low maintenance friend to have around. Dobby wants your attention when you have time to give it but is also quite capable of entertaining himself. He’s very content indoor only but could be indoor/outdoor in a safe environment. He is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for an easy going, affectionate and very handsome senior apply today for a chance to meet DOBBY.