Dexter, Patches and Pumkin

FOR ADOPTION: DEXTER, PATCHES AND PUMPKIN are 8-9 week old siblings looking for their forever families. All three of these kittens are incredibly sweet and affectionate. They have playful bursts of kitten energy but cuddling is their favourite past time. They are all well socialized and fantastic with small children, polite with other cats and comfortable around dogs. Dexter is a happy, completely healthy little dude. Patches and Pumpkin have level four out of five heart murmurs. The vet was unable to give us a definite prognosis for these two. She said they could live a very happy ten plus years or they could have a significantly shorted life span. Only time will tell how their bodies will react to the heart murmurs. All three kittens are vaccinated, up to date on parasite control and will come with spay or neuter contracts in place. If you've been looking for a fluffy, family-friendly kitten apply today at for a chance to meet DEXTER, PATCHES and PUMPKIN.