FOR ADOPTION: DEEGS is a handsome, personable, and adventurous 13 year old male looking for a family to spend the best years of his life with. You would never be able to tell from these pictures but Deegs isn’t a selfie king, that smize is unpracticed and all natural. He actually loves to explore and go on adventures in the great outdoors. He has been indoor/outdoor his entire life, he is a great mouser when he is outside and he would very much like to continue to with that lifestyle. Deegs is quite an affectionate and cuddly guy when he is with you, he will roll for belly rubs and head strokes. He has been just as happy with respectful children as he is with adults and gets along well with other friendly cats and small dogs. He has just started being exposed to larger and more rambunctious dogs, so far he is not a fan but we will keep working on him. Deegs is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for an adventurous cat to slay your mice and warm your heart apply today  for a chance to meet DEEGS