FOR ADOPTION: CRACKLE is a 6 month old female that is the total package: pretty, friendly, bold and playful... pretty much the cat everyone is looking for! This sweet little lady has been in our care since she was just one day old. Crackle was born a carrier of the feline herpes virus and on her first vet exam it was found that she had stopped producing tears (a symptom of the virus) and her eyes had ulcerated. She started on medicated eye drops for her ulcers and when they cleared up she was given a “tear test” to see if she was producing tears on her own. At that point she was not and she was started on eye ointment twice daily to keep her eyes lubricated. Crackle was given another tear test when she was spayed a week and a bit ago and it came back good, she is officially producing tears on her own and no longer on any medication. We should also add that her feline herpes virus is dormant in her system which means she is non contagious and is not at all sick at this time. She could never have an issue with the virus again or it could flare up if she becomes injured, sick or overly stressed. If it were to flare up she would be contagious. For this reason Crackle should only be living and playing with fully vaccinated cats.
Through all of the testing, medications and eye drops Crackle’s wonderful, loving and interactive personality has shone through. She would cuddle and purr her way through tests and accept eye drops with grace. Crackle is a lover. She loves humans of all ages, other cats of all personality types and friendly dogs. She’s honestly going to fit in very well with pretty much any household. Crackle is very happy indoor only, she has never known anything else. We would like to find her a home where she can continue in this lifestyle as she is overly trusting and friendly... she will be easy pickings for a hungry predator. She enjoys playing and wrestling but will just as happily ride your shoulder around the house or snuggle up on your lap. She would be thrilled if her humans were home most of the time or she had another pet that she could snuggle up with while they are away. Crackle is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you are willing to keep your pets up to date on vaccinations and are looking for a fantastic new family member apply today for a chance to meet CRACKLE.
*please expect a minimum of one week’s wait time on all applications*