Crackle is an almost 15 week old female that is just coming available for adoption. She was born with a strain of the feline herpes virus which can be very contagious in unvaccinated cats. Complications from the virus effected her tear production and caused her to develop ulcers on both of her eyes. We spent many weeks Meticulously treating her ulcers and are happy to say that they are now gone. We are giving her an eye ointment to help lubricate her eyes twice a day to prevent the development of new ulcers. She will need to have another tear test done when she is spayed and the results of that will tell if she needs to stay on the ointment or if her eyes have recovered enough to create their own tears. The herpes virus is dormant in her system she currently shows no symptoms and is not contagious but symptoms could be brought on by stress or other illness. For this reason she will need to be in a home with other cats that are fully up-to-date on their vaccinations at all times. She’s a fun, spunky, social little lady it will brighten most any home. If you’re interested in adopting CRACKLE please apply today!