Complimentary post - Bunnies

Nature is super sneaky, and definitely got us good. We have somehow been blessed with six baby bunnies, and their breed is a lionhead lop rex mix. Yes, that's actually what they're called. 'Lionhead' means they get fuzzy around the neck and the tail, 'lop' means their ears flop over, and 'rex' means they are a smaller breed and shed less hair. Currently these bunnies are about two months old, and are ready to leave their mother. We have three white-brown-black bunnies, one gray sleeker bunny (the other gray is gone to a new home), and one black fluffy bunny. I am happy to share the gender of individual rabbits if you are interested in any specific bunny.

We generally keep our bunnies outside all winter, with access to an underground warm place and an above-ground warm place. They need about one square bale of hay every six months ($5 for an organic bale of local hay), and their pellets are super cheap ($17 for a 20kg bag).

The rabbits prefer to have a life-friend, so I recommend getting two of the same gender if you can make it work for your home. Getting a male rabbit fixed by the vet costs about $150 at a clinic.

If you would like to visit the bunnies at our Hazelton home, please let me know and we would be happy to accommodate you. Otherwise, I'm happy to take pictures and send videos of any bunny you are interested in. We really really want these little babies to go to a home!

My name is Hannah, I live in Old Hazelton BC, and my cell phone number is 778 202 0482.