FOR ADOPTION: CHLOE is a sweet senior (13 year old) female looking to share her golden years with a quiet and loving family. Chloe is an easy going girl that enjoys lounging and getting pets. She's been indoor only her entire life and would like to continue with that lifestyle. She does not seem to like most other cats but has tolerated having another calm cat that likes to mind its own business around. Chloe seems fairly comfortable with calm dogs of any size but again, she would prefer they give her her space. This girl saves all of her love and affection for the humans in her life. Chloe is in the early stages of kidney disease and requires semintra medication once daily for life to support her kidney function. Chloe is spayed, vaccinated, up to date on parasite control and really wanting to get out of the shelter and into a home. If you've been looking for an easy going, quiet companion apply today for a chance to meet CHLOE