FOR ADOPTION: CHEDDAR is a roughly five year old male that came to us with a bad case of feline chlamydiosis affecting his eyes and lungs. It took months of persistent treatment by our team and Dr Weibe of Small Blessings Veterinary services but we are happy to say Cheddar is now happy and healthy. This is not a reoccurring condition and will not affect him in the future, we will be happy to go into details with successful applicants. Cheddar has been the peacemaker of our shelter and gets along well with everyone. We haven't had a cat in that rubbed Cheddar the wrong way and he has stepped in as a calm and peaceful presence on the rare occasion when we've had cats get into a spat. Cheddar has been absolutely unperturbed by dogs of all sizes and children, as long as they have friendly intentions he is happy to meet them. This big boy enjoys napping in the sun while getting head rubs or finding a quiet spot to watch the playful young cats frolic. On occasion Cheddar has joined in with the play but it is safe to say he is calm and lazy the majority of the time. Cheddar is very happy indoor only and has shown no interest in venturing outdoors. He is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you've been looking for an easy going cuddler, apply today for a chance to meet CHEDDAR