FOR ADOPTION: CHATTER is another young male from the semi feral colony in Telkwa that we have been working to socialize and find homes. This guy got his name because he trembled from fear so badly when he first arrived that his teeth chattered together. Chatter has had the benefit of spending almost a month with a fantastic foster family and he is now very ready to start the next chapter of his life. Chatter is a quiet, affectionate boy that loves to be pet and will gently grab hold of your hand if you try to stop before he is ready. He will also softly groom you with his mouth if he is really enjoying the cuddles. Chatter is very comfortable around other cats and would love to live with another friendly feline, he is also used to being around dogs and could live with respectful children. He doesn't seem to be an overly playful guy but that could change as he settles into life in his forever home and really feels comfortable. Chatter seems completely happy indoor only and loves to have small spaces to curl up in, he could be very happy living in an apartment or small home. Chatter is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and parasite control and actively looking for his forever family, apply today for a chance to meet him!