FOR ADOPTION: CATSBY is an approximately 4 year old female that is looking for the very best of homes. She came into our care on August 30th, as close to death as it's possible to be and still live to tell the tale. Although badly injured she had managed to drag herself up a flight of stairs and was found at the front door of her home. Some time had elapsed between when she was injured and when she was delivered to Babine Animal Hospital and on arrival her body was so cold her temperature wouldn't register. She still reacted to pain and needed sedation to be x rayed. Luckily no broken bones were found and the fight to save her life began. From the puncture wounds found on her body it was determined she'd been attacked by a predator, suffering shaking, crushing injuries to her internal organs. Her blood test results were so far from normal, she could not have withstood surgery leaving intensive supportive care the only option. Catsby was a very lucky little girl to have a medical foster home and she travelled between there and the veterinary clinic for her ongoing treatment. It was September 24th before she was felt to be stable with her wounds needing no further intervention and she was transferred to a non-medical foster home. I was the lucky recipient of this sweet little cat and welcomed her into our home on September 24th to continue her healing. Interestingly, although it was a predator that had almost killed her, she was quite quickly comfortable with my dog, who is calm and respectful of cats. She also, given time, came around to being loose in the same area with Gus, another foster cat, who is probably three times her size. Catsby was a little cautious at first and liked to be up high to watch and observe. Cole and Gus, on the other hand, immediately seemed to feel she was quite all right. Her veterinarian determined she would need a month of further healing before she would be ready for her spay surgery. Two heat cycles back-to-back made spay day a VERY welcome date and on Oct 21st, after further testing showed her blood work to be totally normal, the surgery was done. Her recovery went well and on November 20th she was transferred to the shelter to continue her journey. Catsby has been vaccinated and treated for internal and external parasites. She has some residual damage to her back end but is able to get around with no difficulty, to climb to high places, and to kill a mouse she apparently wasn't willing to share her space with. Catsby is a kind, gentle, quiet little cat who, after all of the unpleasant treatments she had to endure on her way back to life, is not fond of being tightly held, although she does enjoy quiet, gentle affection. For these reasons we feel she would do best in a calm, inside only home as we're sure she's used up at least some of her 9 lives. She should do okay with children who are old enough to be respectful of her discomfort with being held too closely; would do well with a calm and respectful dog; we know she has lived in a multiple cat household and so far she is showing herself to be good with other cats at the shelter. If you are interested in adding this lovely little cat to your family and are ready, willing and able to meet her needs, please submit an adoption application through our website
*please expect a minimum of of one week before getting a response to your application*