Carrot Cake - adopted!

FOR ADOPTION: CARROT CAKE is a sweet 7 month old male looking for a gentle, loving family with other pets for him to play with. Carrot is shy at first but quickly opens up to gentle pets. Once he trusts you Carrot is an affectionate, cuddly boy with an adorably playful side. He comes from a home with lots of other animals and he really enjoys their company. Carrot plays fantastically with other young playful cats (his sister Black Forest is his favourite playmate) while being very respectful of the older cats. Carrot was very close with one of the young dogs in his previous home and we think he would really enjoy another canine buddy once he’s had time to get used to them. Children are something Carrot has very little experience with and he finds them frightening. We would like for his household to be school aged plus. Carrot Cake is very happy indoor only and has been that way his entire life. He may enjoy a catio but is not much of an explorer. Carrot is neutered, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you have social pets looking for another furry friend apply for a chance to meet CARROT CAKE