FOR ADOPTION: CARISSA is a face you may recognize from years past. This is her third time being advertised for adoption. Back in 2020 Carissa found the home of her dreams, she was deeply loved and appreciated for who she is. Unfortunately the rental market in our area is just atrocious. Carissa and her human lost the rental they had been happily living in and have not been able to find new accommodations that would accept Carissa. This led to the heartbreaking decision for Carissa to come back to NWAS and see if dreams can come true twice. Carissa is a lovely 9.5 year old female with a calm, cuddly disposition. She is on the lookout for a quite, mature house hold that has large windows for her to lounge in and laps that need to be filled. Carissa has spent the majority of her life as an only pet living with a single, mature adult and she would love to continue in that style. She is open to the idea of a couple vs a single human as that does mean more laps to snuggle into but she really does want to be the only pet. Carissa is kind to visiting children, she just doesn’t want one around full time… their energy level really does disturb nap time you know. She is not all snoozes, when the mood hits Carissa enjoys a good play session with her toy mice or balls. She wants to be indoor only, that is how she’s always lived and she has no inkling to explore the great outdoors. Basically she’s mature, easy going and loving and she’s looking for a family with the same qualities. Carissa’s one quirk is that she has sensitive skin and requires a special diet to keep her from getting itchy. Her food can be picked up at most any vet clinic. She is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. Carissa would like to minimize her time here at the shelter surrounded by other critters so she asks that you spread her write up far and wide and maybe tell the folks you know without Facebook about her too. If she’s piqued your interest please apply