FOR ADOPTION: CARISSA is a sweet but quirky six year old female looking for a very special forever family. Carissa has been an indoor only, only pet in a mature household for her entire life and we will be looking for a home for her where she can continue with that lifestyle. Carissa is not comfortable with other animals and can be unpredictable when she is uncomfortable which does not make her a good match for a home with children. Carissa has led a fairly remarkable life so far. She was a bottle baby that her caretakers had to fight to keep alive, she got sever urine scald when she was very young which has left her with bald spots in her hind legs, and then she developed some neurological issues and food sensitivities that cause her to get itchy and become sensitive to touch at times. She is on a hypoallergenic food which is cost comparable to any good quality cat food and keeps her itchiness at bay. She also has a prescription for if she becomes touch sensitive, she does
Go long stretches without needing to take her prescription. When Carissa is feeling good she is a happy, affectionate and playful girl that wants to be with her people and loves to be loved on. When Carissa is uncomfortable she is still playful and still wants to be with her people but she becomes touch she sensitive and will bite when pet. She needs to find herself a home that will be able to read her signs, not take offence to her lashing out when she needs help, and be able to start her on a round of medication to get her feeling comfortable again. It cannot be denied, Carissa is a high maintenance lady. She can be needy, she wants all of your attention for herself and she acts out rather than asking for help when she needs it but if you can love her through her quirks she is the sweetest girl that will love you unconditionally. Carissa is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a new special companion and can handle a few little quirks apply today  for a chance to meet CARISSA.