FOR ADOPTION: BONNIE is sweet two year old female looking for a very special home. Bonnie is an affectionate, gentle and devoted little lady that came to us from a cat colony in the Telkwa area. She is missing an eye and has some depth perception issues as a result. For this reason Bonnie will be looking for an indoor only home. Coming from a cat colony you would think this girl would be fantastic with other cats, unfortunately that is not the case. Other cats make Bonnie nervous and she will either react with extreme fear or an "offence is the best defence" attitude. We do not want to put Bonnie through the stress of living with another cat. In her ideal home Bonnie would be an only pet, however, she could learn to live with a very calm dog. Loud, busy children also stress Bonnie out. She would be fine with children visiting on occasion but will be looking for a quiet and mature household to call her own. Bonnie has been living as an only pet in foster care for a few weeks now and has really blossomed into her own personality. Here is what her foster mom has to say about her:
"Bonnie needs time to feel safe but once she gains a sense of trust she is a very affectionate cat, loves having her belly rubbed and asks for lots of attention. She is still very shy with guests but is more confident with every encounter. When she arrived she seemed to be afraid of any toys I presented but now she has a grand old time galloping around the house chasing her (toy) mice."

Bonnie is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you think you have the purrfect home environment to offer this special girl apply today