Betty - Adopted!

FOR ADOPTION: BETTY is an approximately 5 and a half year old female looking for a fun-loving family to keep up with her busy nature. This girl was found in the industrial area of Smithers, extremely pregnant and trying to make a nest to have her babies under a parked vehicle. A caring woman that worked in the area took Betty home to foster and she was able to have and raise her babies in a safe environment. Betty has gone through the whole process of weaning her babies and getting spayed and vaccinated already. She was actually adopted about 7 weeks ago but returned as she has a strong urge to be on the counters and will help herself for any food left out. This is likely a learned behaviour from her time as a homeless cat, she knows to eat whenever she has a chance. So, Betty is looking for a home that keeps their food tucked away where she cannot get it and is willing to put up with her jumping on the counters until she realizes there is nothing good to be found there. Otherwise she’s an absolutely wonderful cat. This beautiful girl is bold, confident and adventurous. She has not met a human she does not like and is happy to share her cuddly playful spirit with all her friends. Betty has been very good with other cats. Betty has been able to coexist with dogs in her foster home but she does expect them to respect her boundaries and give her time to warm up to them. Betty is a cat that desperately wants to be indoor/outdoor. She will do best in a home with a well secured catio or a safe place to allow indoor/outdoor access. Betty is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you’ve been looking for a fun loving new feline apply today for a chance to meet BETTY