Bandit and Toffee

FOR ADOPTION: BANDIT (Calico female) and TOFFEE (orange tabby male) are roughly 8 month old buddies (possibly litter mates) from a semi feral group living in Telkwa. We have taken in 19 cats so far from this colony and are working on socializing them. These two are the first that are ready to find their forever families. Bandit and Toffee would love to find a home together but they are also willing to consider living separately. Both are very good with other cats and weary of dogs. Toffee is very personable and sweet, he is happy to be held and readily comes to you for affection. Bandit is the bolder of the two, she also loves affection but wants it on her terms. Bandit enjoys a good petting session and may even climb onto your lap but she does not like being picked up. Both of these kitties could settle into a home with children as long as the kids are able to give them a little space while they get comfortable in their new environment. Bandit and Toffee are used to an indoor/outdoor lifestyle, Bandit would very much like to continue with that life whereas Toffee could be just as happy indoor only. These two have been spayed and neutered and are up to date on parasite control. They have set up shop at Total Pet in Smithers, if you're interested in meeting either of these two stop in to the store. They have applications available on site or you can fill one out online at