FOR ADOPTION: AYRSHIRE aka AIRY is a 5.5 month old female looking for her forever family. This sweet little lady has been looking for her family since she was 8 weeks old! Her mother was found in a barn heavily pregnant and taken home by one of the farm workers as a foster to have and raise her kittens. Once the babies were old enough the whole family came into the shelter to start their new lives. Airy has always been a sweet, gentle cat that loves to play and enjoys a good petting session. She is friendly with people of all ages, gets along very well with other cats and is non reactive towards calm and friendly dogs. Airy is very content indoor only and would easily continue with that lifestyle. She could also transition to being indoor/outdoor in the right environment. She has been recently spayed. Is up to date on vaccinations and parasite control and is ready to find her forever family. If you’ve been looking for a sweet young feline apply today for a chance to meet AYRSHIRE