FOR ADOPTION: ANNA is an affectionate and cuddly approximately 4 year old female that is looking for a loving forever home. This sweet girl showed up at a farm outside of Smithers in the middle of a cold snap this past winter with extreme frostbite on her tail and infected eyes. She was brought to NWAS as soon as we had room and we set off getting to know Anna and working our way through her medical journey. Anna’s initial vet vist was supposed to be a check up and routine vaccinations appointment. Unfortunately she was found to have a grade 4 heart murmur during her physical exam so we held off on the vaccinations until we were able to get her in for bloodwork. During this appointment she was seen by a second vet that confirmed her grade four heart murmur, found her bloodwork to be normal and was able to vaccinate her and checked her for a spay scar which couldn’t be seen at this time. We needed more information about her heart and why it had a murmur to determine if she needed medication and if it was safe to do surgery to spay her and remove the frost bitten portion of her tail. Anna was referred to College Heights Ver Clinic in PG for a cardiac ultrasound. Anna handled to trip to PG and the ultrasound itself like a champion never throwing a fuss and purring through her procedure. The results came back that she has a congenital heart defect not disease and she does not require any medications at this time and it was relatively safe for her to undergo surgery. This was the best possible news! Ideally she will get a check up every 6 months just to see if her heart murmur progresses but she should live a long healthy life without any complications from this. Once we got the results Anna was scheduled for her spay and tail amputation. While being prepped for surgery the veterinary team discovered a spay scar on Anna that was much lower than a typical spay scar would be. Anna is now fully recovered from her tail tip amputation and is beyond ready to get settled in her forever home. This sweet lady loves human companionship and cuddles and gets along well with people of all ages. She’s wonderful with other cats, able to play with the rowdy lot or just hang out with calmer friends. Anna is also comfortable around calm and friendly dogs. Anna is a very easy going girl that will happily snuggle the day away with her humans or could entertain herself while you’re at work and happily greet you when you get home. She seems very happy indoor only, the outside world was not too friendly with her, but she could enjoy a sunny catio in the warmer months. If you’ve been looking for a new lovely lady apply today for a chance to meet ANNA