FOR ADOPTION: ANISE is an approximately 3 year old female looking for her first and forever family. Anise has been a street cat in the townhouse area of Houston most of her life. She spent her days searching for food, avoiding unkind people and making babies. Anise had at least three litters while out on the streets. A couple of times people took her babies in to tame them and find them homes but left momma Anise behind. This last time that she fell pregnant a concerned citizen that had been feeding her and had earned her trust enough to pet her each day reached out to see if we could take her in. We had room! So Anise and her buddy Doyle were caught and brought into the shelter. Anise was hugely pregnant and quickly moved into a very dedicated and attentive foster home to learn about life indoors and have her babies. Anise is the mother of our Potato Kittens, now that they are weaned and she has been spayed she is ready to meet the people that will love her forever. Anise is a loving, affectionate cat but not without her quirks. She absolutely loves to be pet but is still working on appropriate ways to communicate that she wants more attention. We’ve been telling her that giving us a swat is not actually the best way to communicate that she wants more loving… she is taking in what we say and do and is learning. Once she has a family of her own and lots of one on on time she will learn even faster. Anise is nervous in new spaces and takes time to feel comfortable in her surroundings. She would do very well starting off in just one room of her new home and having her surroundings expand as she gains confidence with the space and people in the home. Anise could live with older, calmer children but her lack of social cues would make it difficult for her to bond with young children who are also still learning. She has spent her entire life with other cats and is good at communicating her boundaries with them. Anise could easily live with other calm and friendly cats. Anise was quite scared of the dog in her foster home but did ok with our caretakers senior large dogs. She could learn to live with very calm and easy going dogs. Anise is very content indoor only. She knows the outdoors has predators, cold and wet weather and often times mean people that do not want her around. She seems to have no interest in experiencing these things again. She may enjoy life on a safe catio on sunny summer days though. Anise is spayed, vaccinated and up to date on parasite control. If you have time and love to give to a Diamond in the rough that will love you with her entire heart while she transitions into her life as a pampered princess, apply today for a chance to meet ANISE